JLFMI President John S. Lyons: A True Investment Pioneer

Hi, I’m John S. Lyons, founder and President of J. Lyons Fund Management, Inc. I'd like to dispel some of the "conventional" investment advice that is destroying the financial well being of Main Street investors. The truth is, advice from Wall Street such as "buy & hold" discourages investors from selling because A) advisors would make less money, and B) they don’t know when to sell anyway. Unfortunately, as investors have recently learned the hard way, an investment approach which does not reduce risk by occasionally selling at appropriate times guarantees big losses any time the market declines significantly.

I began my investment career at a major Wall Street firm in the late 60s and quickly learned that "SELL" is a four-letter word in the industry. After suffering through two bear markets right off the bat, I knew there had to be an alternative to my clients suffering large losses every time the stock market took a hit. So in the mid-70s, with no help from my firm,  I embarked on a mission to determine when to be invested in the market and when to get out. The result was an investment approach I helped pioneer, known now as “active management", the goal of which is to provide consistent long-term returns AND protection from substantial losses.. The same principles I developed then continue to guide the way JLFMI manages our clients' assets today.

These principles have helped us protect our clients from big losses during every significant market decline since 1985, including the aftermath of the tech bubble in 2000-2002 and the crash of 2008. If you have come to realize how vulnerable your investments are and would like more protection, please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss how we can help you.

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