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Investors are constantly bombarded with the same, stale advice by the mainstream investment “establishment”. This advice, like "buy-and-hold", has a dismal track record in protecting investors from losses (see the 2000-02 and 2007-09 bloodbaths for evidence.) There is a better alternative for investors. An Active Management strategy that targets growth opportunities while also providing significant protection during market declines is a sounder approach to investing. The mission of the JLFMI Newsletter is to spread this message by familiarizing investors with the concept of Active Management as well as providing a taste of JLFMI's proprietary market analysis based on that concept.

Newsletter subscribers typically receive a Weekly Market Wrap email with a brief synopsis of the state of the equity market (and often other markets as well). The weekly email also contains links to that week's posts from our other online investment sites, including our daily "all-access" trading site, The Lyons Share, our free blog published through YahooFinance and our 401(k) investor service, My401kPro. Newsletter subscribers may also receive occasional offers or discounts to these services. Sign up to the right to have the newsletter emailed to you.

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